Supporting research and promotion of Britain's shipping and shipbuilding heritage

The Trust was founded as a Charitable Trust in December 2014, with the main objective of:-

"Encouraging interest in, and facilitating research into the maritime heritage of the North East of England

 between and including Berwick-on-Tweed and Grimsby

and such other regions of the United Kingdom as the Trustees may decide"

An early objective is to ensure the preservation of shipping reference websites created by individuals

in order to ensure they will be available to future generations of researchers.

To this end, the following websites are now owned by the Trust, or are associate sites

North East Maritime Forum - A forum for all shipping interests between Berwick and Grimsby

Shipbuilding on the River Tees - the Shipyards of the Tees and Hartlepool

Tyne-Built Ships - a history of Tyne shipyards and their ships

Sunderland Ships - the Shipyards of Sunderland and the River Wear

Shipping of Goole - Ships built or owned at the Port of Goole

NEW - October 2018

Coverage of all other shipyards in England, Wales and the island of Ireland

is now in an extended website

Shipping and Shipbuilding

For shipbuilding in Scotland, visit the site of the Caledonian Maritime research trust


If you are a site owner and think it might fit in our Trust, let us know.

We will consider any U.K. websites worthy of long-term preservation

For this and any general enquiries about shipping and shipbuilding,

please join the North East Maritime Forum and use the Research Forum section there

CORSOUND of 1953 ready to load coal in South Dock, Sunderland in March 1966

Photo Dennis Maccoy

ESSEX TRADER was completed by Wm. Pickersgill & Sons at Southwick, Sunderland in 1958

Photo Malcolm Donnelly

MEGANTIC launched from the Neptune yard of Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson on 3 July 1962

ROMANIC launched from the South Bank yard of Smith's Dock Company on 7 April 1954